KAM regularly has VISIA Skin Analysis Clinics, which uses advanced UV and digital technology to take close-up photos of your skin. VISIA is probably the quickest way to identify skin issues. The one major benefit is highlighting problem areas underneath the skin’s surface that cannot be seen by the human eye. For example, it may show up some sun damage which could later lead to fine lines if left untreated.

The analysis WILL show up a range of different features:

Fine lines and wrinkles
UV spots from sun damage
Large Pores
Bacteria on the skin

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Once we’ve laid the foundations for beautiful skin, it’s time to target. Our fully trained Skin Analysis Therapists will take what we learned at the preparation stage to create a bespoke regime that addresses your specific skin concerns, whether that be supplements from The Advanced Nutrition Programme™, topical creams from Environ or monthly facial treatments.

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