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notice of closure from kam hair and beauty spa in lossiemouth, elgin, moray


It is with a heavy heart and really can’t believe I am writing this post but as of today, Saturday 21st March at 4pm we will have a temporary closure to help keep my team and all of you safe.  

KAM is a family and all I want to do is protect us, I am also going through the worst time of my life dealing with losing my Mum who’s sadly a year ago today got the worst diagnosis of an inoperable brain tumour and is currently receiving end of life care and for the past weeks and months and we as a family have been spending as much time as we can with her.  

You, our loyal clients are part of our KAM family, with many of you have been with me since I first started 29 years ago.  The support you have given us is  tremendous and I hope that you and your families are safe in these uncertain times. KAM will be back stronger than ever and ready to look after you. 

At this time,  I would like to thank all my team who have supported me through this horrendous year and all of my clients -  loyal and supportive as ever.  My emotions have been turned upside down and the knowledge that I have such a tremendous support from my KAM extended family - team and clients alike along with my suppliers – AJPR, Synergy, Salon Guru and Matrix means so much to me and my family. 

Karen xx 

Please keep an eye on our social media throughout this time for updates and information.

Our team will be in touch with those of you have have appointments.

KAM FAM  -#Stronger together - #stay safe stay healthy - #stay at home