Male Body Waxing

Manscaping at KAM Beauty Salon & Spa in Lossiemouth

Manscaping is the new buzz word for trimming or removing unwanted hair from gents'.  Allow our team of expert beauty therapist skilfully trim or 'manscape' your body hair to leave you looking and feeling perfectly groomed. We have seen many disasters where guys have chosen to shave their body hair & intimate areas which is a big no - no!

Shaving can lead to ingrown hairs and leave the skin bumpy, red and sore if done incorrectly. The skin is delicate and should be handled with care. Our hair removal experts can easily remove and trim hair from the back, chest and intimate areas using special manscaping trimmers for perfect results – something you would find extremely difficult to do yourself (unless you’re super flexible!).

Your beauty therapist will have an in-depth consultation with you prior to your treatment where you can decide on your chosen length. There are multiple length settings to choose from so you don’t have to go completely hair free if you don’t fancy it.  

No matter where on your body you’re manscaping service at KAM beauty salon in Lossiemouth, it’s advisable to shower first to help protect your skin and remove dirt & bacteria. Ask your KAM hair removal specialist to suggest the best take home products that will not clog your pores and keep skin feeling soft.

There are a number of men’s body waxing treatments on offer at our Lossiemouth Beauty Salon & Spa including, male intimate Hollywood waxes, back & chest wax plus the removal of unwanted hair from the nasal & ear areas. Check them out below.

Men's Hair Removal Prices

Treatment Treatment Length Price
Leg Wax 45mins £30
Arm Wax 30mins £20
Underarm 15mins £15
Back 30mins £21
Chest 30mins £21
Stomach 15mins £15
Nasal & Ears 15mins £15
Neckline 15mins £15
Intimate Hollywood   £45