Making A Change

Making A Change – Good Vibes Only!

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We are promoting GOOD VIBES ONLY!

We are jumping on the back of the fantastic Lavish Hair and Beauty Aesthetic in Norfolk’s stance and making a small but hopefully very effective change in the salon to stop providing gossip magazines whilst client’s are in having a service.

After the devastating news of @carolineflack and the negativity and shaming within these magazines, these are something we do not want to promote in the salon and instead, will only supply magazines that are more positive and inspirational. If you would still like to read gossip magazines you are welcome to bring in your own copies, however, this is something we will no longer be providing in the salon and we hope this issomething other salons will consider too – as every small change makes a difference.

Thank you @lavishhairbeautyaesethetics for bringing this to our attention – a great idea that we fully support to help make a change.

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