Thinning Hair & Excess Shedding? We Can Help!

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GLOWWA Hair Food


Let's talk hair thinning and excess shedding!

Did you know your hair growth cycle has three stages? There are two different groups of hair loss: genetic and reactive and there are many factors that may trigger hair loss. 

How can GLOWWA help?

HAIR FOOD is a natural way to stimulate healthy hair growth and improve your hair from within. 100% vegan and cruelty-free, HAIR FOOD is packed with clean, natural ingredients focusing on your health and well-being.

It offers many benefits, including blocking DHT, balancing out hormones, protecting hair follicles, nurturing hair growth, and addressing nutritional deficiencies! HAIR FOOD is stocked at KAM hair salon in Elgin and many of our guests are already on their journey to healthier hair.

Hair growth cycle
What are the causes

Thinning Hair and the Menopause

MENO Menopause Specific Food Supplement

Did you know 13 million women in the UK are going through peri menopause or the menopause right now?

40% of those women will experience hair loss. Are you one of those?  Listen up!

HAIR FOOD | MENO™ contains all the base ingredients from our multi-award winning original HAIR FOOD with additional ingredients to support clients on their journey through the menopause.

Start your Hair Food | Meno™ journey today, we have Hair Food to help with menopause in stock!

Hair Food Meno
Hair food Meno
Before and after
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From Thinning to Thriving

Vitamins For Healthy Hair Growth

Hair Food is not just for women!  Men can notice a huge difference when taking the supplement. 

Ed’s 5 month hair transformation with GLOWWA after struggling with hair loss for 20 years

Visible progress in just 2 months!

We recommend taking GLOWWA consistently for 12 weeks or more to witness significant improvements, but there was a noticeable difference with this clients hair in 2 months!

From thinning to thriving his mood is soaring high, he’s feeling more energised and is embracing his self-care more than ever he is glowing.

With consistent use, he experienced reduced hair loss and noticeable growth within the first 12 weeks. Now 5 months in his hair has been fully transformed and WOW look at those gorgeous curls.

Before and after progress Acne
Before and after

Benefits for your skin

Vitamins For Healthy Hair Growth

Both HAIR FOOD and HAIR FOOD | MENO are packed with ingredients that offer anti-inflammatory and healing benefits for your skin. From eczema, psoriasis, acne and scalp conditions - GLOWWA products contain skin healing propertiesGLOWWA has many benefits including collagen production due to our natural and powerful antioxidant ingredients.

After consistent, regular use customers have found many of the following benefits:
✓ Healthy Hair Growth
✓ Reduced Shedding
✓ Restored Hair Health
✓ Glowing Skin
✓ Stronger Nails
✓ Health & Wellbeing benefits

First client,  saw their eczema vanish in just 3 months!
Second client, experienced remarkable results in just 2 weeks!

GLOWWA is here to support your hair health and overall well-being, reach out with any questions you may have!
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Glowwa Hair Food is in stock at KAM, please support our small business, we love bringing all the latest and best products to Lossiemouth, every one we sell makes a huge difference to us and makes us really happy. 🙂

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Before and after progress Acne
Before and after

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