The Best Festival Hairstyles

The Latest Festival Hairstyling Ideas at Kam Hair & Beauty Salon in Lossiemouth

at Kam Hair & Beauty Salon in Lossiemouth

Embrace your inner Boho with soft, flowing, relaxed waves for an effortless, uber cool 1970s look. Soft and feminine, while remaining cool and messy – these waves have bohemian glamour written all over them.

From festival chic to free-spirited hippie, the talented team at at Kam Hair & Beauty Salon in Lossiemouth have all you need to achieve this iconic on trend style. 

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Colour Your Hair for Festival Fun at Kam Hair Salon

Have fun with your hair colour and change your look. If you’re feeling bold try a permanent or semi-permanent hair colour in a striking, fun colour such as pink, lilac or blue! Not feeling quite so bold? Invest in some hair chalk and go wild!

Our expert hair colour technicians in our Lossiemouth hair salon offer the most advanced permanent colour if you’re feeling adventurous and pride themselves on keeping up to date with all the latest hair colouring trends and techniques including pastel hair colours and the multi coloured rainbow hair.

Messy Braids & Plaits for Music Festivals

Braids and plaited hairstyles are amongst the most popular festival hairstyles and are are really practical too! They work on all hair lengths and textures and are a brilliant way to disguise greasy hair.

If your hair is too short to tie up then why not add a cute micro plait to your front hairline and instantly transform your look? Wear your braids messy for an on trend festival hairstyle or add a chunky fishtail plait or fun pigtails for a youthful vibe.

Top Knots & Twists

After a few days without washing your hair and no electrical hair applinaces in sight it’s time to start being creative with your hair! Twist a large section of hair and pile it loosley on to your crown for a modern day classic top knot hairstyle.

Or take several smaller sections and add fresh flowers or jewels for a true festival vibe. Come rain or shine you will look great with a casual upstyle.

Summer Festival Hair Accessories

There are a variety of cool and trendy hair accessories you can add to your festival hairstyle. Add feathers for a real bohemium look or a fresh flower crown for a pretty and femine style.

After two days of dancing your hair may be looking a little flat and in desperate need of a boost. This is where a floppy hat or twisted bandana comes in usefull. If all else fails you can always freshen up your greasy locks with a can of dry shampoo – a must have festival hair essential.

Get Your Perfect Festival Hairstyle at Kam Hair & Beauty Salon in Lossiemouth

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