Matrix Global Conference Report

Matrix Global Conference ReportMatrix Global Conference Report


Well everyone this was Matrix’s first ever GLOBAL conference and I would just like to say it was truly amazing to be part of something so explosive.

The UK had 200 delegates there and we cheered on our very own Gary Hooker and Micheal Young, better known as the show stopping duo Hooker & Young. These guys took to the stage every day and night and showed us their breath taking and inspiring work, from their Monochrome Show which featured the likes of Rita Hayworth, Bridget Bardo, Marylin Monroe and of course Charlie’s Angels. The show was all about the past stars of the silver screen and the forgotten ways of how much glamour these woman really had ( I think we can all take a bit of inspiration from these women ). Little did we know this was just the tip of the iceberg with what was awaiting us over the next couple of days.


As hairdressers we try our hardest to stay on trend, so Matrix helped us out with their TREND CATWALK show which featured a collaboration with designer Christof Castillos and the Dream team who were mentored by Austrilia’s Benni Tognini. This show was a sneak peek into what were going to see coming into fashion very soon and I think we will all be happy to take it on board.

Matrix Global Conference Report


Matrix Global Conference Report

The Opera Show by Hooker & Young was the most anticipated event of the whole conference, we all had to dress for a night at the Opera and every little piece of information was kept top secret from us, it’s safe to say the show was worth the wait! They cat walked and showed us a dream land of fantasy hair, where every last detail had been noted from costume to makeup, I have never seen such a collection of work put together so beautifully, the show was truly amazing!

Now I know what your all thinking did we go all the way to Turkey to just sit and watch these amazing shows??

Well we did fit in a little education time by going along to the different seminars they had on throughout the day, from Trend Converge cutting by Gary Hooker, Colour and styling by Micheal Young, Mens by Amercias very tasty Ammon Carver, Be Blonde show and a Styling Master class. These seminars really helped to inspire us and make sure we’re keeping you (our clients) on trend by showing us new techniques and fresh ideas to take back to the salon. The 3 day conference wasn’t all work and no play though, its safe to say the Brits and especially the Scottish partied harder than any other country and we for sure ruled the style stakes when it came to each themed night we were by far the best dressed country looking smart, chic in our tux’s and cocktail dresses.

Matrix Global Conference Report

Now back in the UK its safe to say i love my job! I had the most amazing 3 days in Turkey i was so lucky to meet so many inspiring, influential and talented people who will help reinforce my drive in my work. I think I can speak for Karen and myself when I say we are now fully recovered from our “jetlag” and are awaiting you in our hair salon in Elgin full of fresh ideas for your hair! So get your appointment booked now!!!!

Love Gordon

Matrix Global Conference Report Matrix Global Conference Report