KAM Awards Night 2015

KAM Hair & Body Spa Celebrate 2015 Awards

Well what a night it was! Saturday night was the KAM Awards night for 2015, the team finished early to get glammed up for their evening, there were some partners there too.  A coach picked them up at 6pm, 30 of them arrived at The Knockomie at 6.45pm to be welcomed by Karen, Les and some lovely cocktails… the French Martinis and Mohitos went down a treat!

KAM awards

Craig and Donna from Synergy Salon Supplies were also there for the evening to join in with the celebrations.  Dinner was served at 7.15, the food and the service at the Knockomie was absolutely excellent. Craig stood up and said a few words about how long he had worked with Karen, about KAM being a very special salon and having such a great team then it was time for the awards.

Karen spoke about how the evening was a thank you for all the girls and what KAM had achieved in 2015, one of the largest accolades;

“Being a finalist in the British Hairdressing Business Awards, to be one of six in the UK is something we need to be very proud of even more so that we aren’t based in a city or a bustling town centre, the fact we are in Lossiemouth have virtually no passing trade yet people travel for miles to our salon, KAM has definitely become a destination salon.”



Karen then told the story of how it all started as theres a few new faces at the salon so thought it was nice to go over a bit of the history. The story then turned to how she was looking for another trainee yet again, a YTS it would have been at that time and along came Paula for an interview, a lovely girls, very quiet, long permed hair who said she wanted to be a hairdresser. Paula was asked to start the next day which she did but had to get sent home sick in the afternoon and Karen thought – here we go again!


Oh no this one was different back she came the next day and 20 years later is still working with Karen and now the manageress of KAM, they’ve worked very hard together and Karen said she is the most trust worthy, loyal person you will meet and also become a great friend.  Paula was welcomed up to receive her award and gift from KAM, there were a few sniffles around the room.



The story then carried on, how they soon were bursting at the seems again even after a second make over to make more room so Karen found and purchased the Queen St premises. Just before they were getting ready to move it was time to look for another trainee and one of her stylists suggested her neice and in walked Gemma! She started as a very quiet, shy saturday girl that hardly spoke…13 years later the stories quite different!!


Proving to be one of the best stylists KAM has had she has worked very hard over the years and has built up a huge following of clients, Gemma was asked up to to receive her award and gift. Karen also congratulated her and Andrew on their pregnancy and wished them all the best for baby Brown and how much they would miss Gemma.

Back to the story again and it was time to look for another beauty therapist and Karen was approached by Karen Andreasen, a very busy professional therapist, with a loyal clientele that loved her and 11 years ago Karen started full time at KAM. Karen told of how Karen turned up everyday with a smile on her face and provides a very high level of service regardless how she is feeling including throughout her pregnancy with Oliver. Karen was invited up to receive her award and gift also.


Karen then moved on to other long serving member of the team and Diane was invited up for 9 years service, Vivienne and Michelle for 7 years service and Morag though she wasn’t there was also acknowledged for 5 years service and being the best and longest serving receptionist KAM have had.


It was time then to move onto the performance awards first being overall retail which was given to Vivienne for and also for best performance in the Beauty department, Vivienne received more champagne and a gift.



The next award was overall service which Paula won over all for Hair and Beauty and also best hair retail, Paula also received some champagne and a gift. Karen then spoke about how she wanted to o an award for outstanding achievement and how she was very proud of how people grew within the salon especially starting as babies and training and progressing throughout their career she then presented Michelle with the KAM outstanding achievement award presenting her with champagne and a gift also.


Karen thanked the Knockomie and team for the lovely meal and service they had provided and invited everyone to have a drink at the bar while the DJ was setting up for the evening, the music started and so did the party, lots of laughs, dancing and great fun was had util the early hours when the coach arrived to take everyone home. it truly was a great night and the KAM awards are now set to continue each years to acknowledge there longest serving members and the teams growth and different achievement over the years. Next year is Karen’s 25 years in business and she has already plans in place for a huge celebration for all her team, clients and employees from over the years as in the end of the day that’s what KAM is all about.