KAM at L’Oreal Colour Trophy Scottish Final 2016

KAM Hair & Body Spa Scoop THREE Nominations at Prestigious L’Oreal Colour Trophy 2016

What another fantastic competition for our team, to enter three categories and be finalists in three was a great achievement! Here’s a bit of an insight to how the day went and how we all felt.

A word from Karen;

Why do we enter theses competitions I sometimes ask myself especially when you’re running around like a headless chicken trying to pull it all together…is it worth it? Well sometimes I wonder – but then once you pull it all together and you get there then,yes, it is!

It also gives the team focus and makes everyone research and look at the latests fashions, trends and think out of the box, we have to come up with our own ideas and be trend setters rather than followers with filters back to our work in the salon, by pushing yourself you constantly grow.

The run up to the final included the following…

  • Research Autumn/Winter 2016/17 trends
  • Find models
  • Choose colours and think of a new technique
  • Research make up trends
  • Find clothes for our looks

1 Week To Go…

judgesThe week before colour work was started then on the Monday all afternoon was spent colouring our models and carrying out a dress rehearsal – yes once again they were cat walking up and down KAM! Those of you that were in over that time might have been entertained by this at some point.

Early Tuesday morning the team left for Glasgow as soon as they arrived at the Hilton Kelsey got started on the make up, everyone enjoyed a nice lunch then suddenly it was time for Haley to register for her young Colour Star Award,

30 mins later it was Paula and Karen’s turn, time then just flew Haley had her interview, colours were checked then it was time for models to rehearse suddenly we were all on the floor waiting for the competition to start. How do you feel – excited, apprehensive, worried your model will be ok but most of all RARING TO GO!

We all had fantastic looks and you never quite know what the judges are looking for but as long as you’ve done your best that’s all that matters and I would say all 3 of us finishing in the top 10 is pretty good! The main thing for me is seeing our team grow and take these challenges on, it takes dedication, commitment and hard work to be part of something like this but every second is worth it and the learning and growth you achieve is amazing.

So back to is it worth it – 100% absolutely – you only get out what you put in and seeing everyone grow in confidence and ability is the best!

Haley says;

I had one of the best experiences of my life in Glasgow. Being around such creative people really made all the team hungry for more. I started my competition with a interview with The Creative Heads. The whole process could have been so nerve racking I should of had a heart attack but the judges where all so friendly and genuinely interested in what I was saying.

They asked questions about my inspiration, colour process, where I wanted my career to go in hairdressing (education), what I did within in the salon and if I did a lot of colour correction work. I had my posh phone voice on at the start of the interview, but as I was getting more relaxed the real Haley came out! When Jamie Stevens asked if he could take down my models hair I came out with total word vomit!

After the interview everything went really fast and all of a sudden the results were out and everything was over. I took a lot from the experience and I am literally champing at the bit to get going again. I think coming second has made my hungrier for next year. It has given me more drive. It also showed me that KAM fam is a an incredibly passionate, creative and driven team to work with and I enjoy every second of it. Not many people can say they adore there job as much we do. So we are pretty lucky.

Paula says;

This year I took part in the men’s image award, this is the first time that I have done a men’s competition, it was a fantastic opportunity for me. I had to do a lot of research for the inspiration, I used London fashion week Instagram website and Twitter to make sure the collections I used were as update as possible.

I personally decided to pull inspiration from a couple collection just to make it a little more exciting. The run up to the comp went past so fast but I think it really highlighted to me what a creative team we work with.