Top Tips On How To Achieve The Perfect Summer Glow

Fake Tanning Application Tips From The Experts at KAM Hair & Beauty Salon, Lossiemouth

how to get the perfect tan at kam beauty spa moray

Summer is quickly approaching and at this time of year everyone likes a tan and applying instant fake tan is a great way to get that golden glow fast!

Prior to fake tan application, it’s important to not apply any deodorant or perfume to prevent the tan from sticking to this or turning a different colour.

It's also important that if you want to do any hair removal, to try and do this 24 hours prior to tanning to avoid the tan sticking to any loosened pores or any dark spots showing on the skin from the tan.

What's The Best Way To Apply Fake Tan?

Exfoliating is also essential prior to applying fake tan and we also recommend doing this 24 hours before tanning in order to get rid of any dead skin and to provide your tan with the perfect base. It's also beneficial to apply a moisturiser cream or body lotion to the skin an hour or two before tanning, as this avoids the tan clinging to any areas of dry skin.

When applying fake tan it’s all about the application. It’s extremely important that you use a tanning mitt to apply your tan, which will avoid your hands from becoming a dark/orangey colour and to make your tanning application as smooth and easy as possible. We advise starting from the bottom up and applying the tan in circular motions, starting with a little bit of product at a time and adding more product as and when required.

For your back, ask a friend or family member to help with this to make sure it’s covered and even and for your hands and feet, use the leftover tan from your legs and arms and lightly buff this over these areas to allow them to blend in seamlessly and not look orange or patchy.

To allow your tan to last longer, maintain it by exfoliating gently every couple of days and moisturising each day to keep the skin looking its best.