Fine Hair (and all you need to know about it!)

KAM Hair & Body Spa, Lossiemouth unravel the myths surrounding fine hair…

CaptureFine hair. The arch-nemesis for many women around the world.

For those of us endlessly pining for thick, luscious locks, forever yearning for a flowing, marvellous mane – it can often feel like an unattainable dream. That’s where KAM Hair & Body Spa come in!

Here, we dispel the myths and mis-conceptions surrounding thin hair, and share our top tips on how you can make the most out of fine, lifeless locks!

Fine hair doesn’t have to be a nightmare if it’s cut well and the correct products are used. In fact, many hairdressers would agree that fine hair is the best hair to have owing to its manageability and malleability.

Our team of friendly, professional stylists are great at cutting, colouring and styling fine hair. We will give advice on the best systems to use for fine hair, as well lots of fantastic styling tips to help you cope and get the best out of your fine hair!

KAM’s top tips for fine hair…

Thin hair doesn’t have to look and feel lifeless! Follow our simple top tips to create the illusion of having thicker hair

image-board-updated_201. Go Chic

Get a blunt or one-length haircut at KAM Hair & Body Spa to make hair look fuller and thicker at the ends.

2. Stay Short(ish)!

Try not to grow your hair too long. The longer it gets, the stringier it appears!

3. Conditioner Is Your Friend!

Apply conditioner to the ends of your hair, not the roots. This prevents your hair from becoming weighed down. Conditioner will actually help prevent the split ends and breakage that can make fine hair look thinner!

We recommend “Biolage Volume Bloom, it’s specially developed for fine hair with extracts from the cotton flower and the range is paraben free our clients love it!”

Styling ideas for fine hair by KAM Hair & Body Spa, Lossiemouth

Fine Hair (and all you need to know about it!)– A great hairstyle for those with fine hair to opt for, is one that is longer in front and shorter in the back, as this style frames the face and creates fullness at the back of the head. A relatively short cut is often best for women with limp or fine hair, as length will weigh it down (baring in mind that your face shape has to be a part of the overall decision).

– If you are hoping to have fuller looking hair at home, then it is also a good idea use a volumising shampoo, conditioner, and styling products before blow-drying. If you blow-dry your hair upside down, it can add serious volume to even the thinnest hair!!

We recommend “Biolage Volume Bloom, we also have lots of great styling products that work brilliantly on fine hair”

– Also, hair worn forward and to the side over your forehead can cover up thinning or receding hairlines and make it look fuller.

– Another great trick is to change your parting every few days. This way, less scalp is seen and you also have different ways to style your hair. Also, colouring your hair a shade lighter can help conceal the thinning area.

– Make sure you aren’t tying your hair too tight as that can further cause stress to your hair and make it break easily.

Hair Colour for fine hair

Colour can be a great advantage to fine hair, we recommend not colouring the hair to light as the lighter it goes the finer it will look, multi tonal lowlights can be a great way to add depth to you hair and make it appear thicker. Our experts will give you a full consultation and give you great advice on how to make your hair look it’s best, colour can also be great to add a bit of body too.

Perms for fine hair – really!

Perms….aghh…. now we’re not talking those perms from the 80’s. We’re talking about creating some root lift & volume to help you blow dry, perming can be great for those of you with fine, limp fly away hair, it’s not for everyone but can make a huge difference.

With the right cut and style, fine hair can look gorgeous!!

Award-winning ‘NIOXIN’ products for thinning hair at KAM Hair & Body Spa, Lossiemouth

As the No1 stylist-recommended thinning-hair brand, NIOXIN’s customised range of hair and scalp products are proven to deliver noticeably thicker, fuller-looking hair in just 30 days. If your fine, limp, lacklustre locks are making taking their toll on your confidence, visit our Lossiemouth Hairdressers and get ready for an all new you!


In-salon services

Making the most of the hair you have begins with a consultation at our Lossiemouth Hair Salon. One of our fully-qualified stylists will be able to introduce you to the benefits of NIOXIN, talk through your needs and will recommend a tailored solution to your hair problems and issues.

If you’ve never used NIOXIN before, we’d recommend a Complete Renewal Service. Carried out by an accredited KAM Hair & Body Spa Stylist, the service includes:

  • Consultation – This is where it all starts: a conversation about the causes of thinning hair and an assessment of your individual needs.
  • Scalp Renew Density Protection – Regular use of this take-home treatment is recommended after Scalp Renew Dermabrasion Service.
  • Scalp Renew Dermabrasion Treatment – This in-salon service is a great introduction to NIOXIN, and you will instantly feel the effects.

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