Creating A Salon Blow-Dry At Home

Create Your Own Professional Salon Blow-Dry At Home | KAM Hair Salon Elgin

create the perfect bouncy blow dry at home kam hairdressers elgin

To create the ultimate bouncy blow-dry at home, firstly wash your hair with a volumising shampoo and conditioner in order to give your hair added volume and height.

Once you’ve come out of the shower and you’ve used your towel to blot the hair and get rid of excess water (do not rub harshly as this will damage your hair), you should then apply some hair oil or serum throughout the hair to detangle and get rid of any frizz and flyaways.

This will also allow the hair to be more manageable and give it a glossy shine. Prepping the hair before your blow-dry is so important and at this point, we would also advise using a thickening spray or mousse and distributing this throughout your hair. Matrix Go Big Mousse is a great one and will give hold, body volume and shine prior to blow-drying.

When blow-drying your hair and trying to achieve the salon blow-dry at home, using the right hair brush is also incredibly important. A large barrel brush is great for achieving further volume, particularly at the root area. These brushes glide through the hair easily and are the best brushes for providing a professional blow-dry look, whilst also minimizing your blow-dry time. Your hairdryer should always have a nozzle on and when using it’s a good idea to blow-dry the roots with the nozzle facing upwards, as this will create ultimate volume and lift to give you that ultimate bouncy blow-dry. Focus on your root area first and then use your brush to take sections of the hair, working your way around the head until each section is completely dry. With the rest of your hair, use the nozzle pointed downwards for smoothness and shine.



Once the hair is fully dry, you can then decide if you want to finish the look by adding some curls using curling tongs or a heated irons for extra bounce. Once you’ve done this, apply some hair oil or serum scrunching into the hair for body and shine and finish with a light mist of hairspray for hold. The look should be loose and natural looking, so try not to overdo the hair spray to avoid it looking too ‘set’.  

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