Grey Hair Coverage At KAM Hairdressers, Elgin, Moray

Transitioning To Natural Grey When Hair Is Coloured

As we get older, our hair gradually loses pigment and can turn grey or white due to our melanin-producing cells slowing down. If you are thinking of transitioning to grey then visit the hair colour specialists in Elgin, Moray at KAM hair salon. They have the skills, knowledge and experience to help you go grey gracefully and stylishly! Whether you're after a cool platinum tone, ash grey hue, or want to embrace your natural silver fox shade, we can help. You'll also be pleased to learn that grey hair is one of the most popular trending hair colours for men and women. 

Grey hair often has a coarse, dry texture with some reporting that it feels thinner and more fragile with less natural volume, so it's important to use the correct hair care. Using Aveda's plant-based shampoos, conditioners and treatments can help to keep your hair looking radiant long after you leave the salon. Chat with your KAM stylist who will happily recommend the most suitable cruelty-free & vegan hair care for you and your hair type.

We offer free colour consultations, so why not come in & meet our colour team & have a chat about your hair goals, you’re only one step away from beautiful hair! 

Colour Allergy Test

For your well-being and safety before we apply colour to your hair we need to know if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients used in our colour formula. We appreciate this may be inconvenient, but for us, your safety comes first. If you’ve not had your hair coloured at KAM in the last 6 months, you will need to pop in for an allergy test at least 48 hours before your colour appointment.

We won’t be able to colour your hair unless we believe you are safe. You don’t need an appointment and can pop in anytime, it only takes one minute and is, of course, free.

Grey Hair Toning

When it comes to growing grey hair, we don't have a lot of choice with the shade that we get! It could be a beautiful bright silver white, darker grey, or a mixture of both. Thankfully there are lots of techniques and tricks available and steps that can be taken to ensure the tone you have works for you and looks anything but dull and boring.

If you’re worried about a harsh line, your experienced KAM colourist can tone your hair or use a colour gloss to enhance shine and seamlessly blend grey & white hair. They can also use a technique known as root smudging for a smooth transition which leaves no obvious demarcation lines as your hair grows. Your colourist will select a shade that matches your natural grey strands and 'smudge' it from root to tip.

Grey hair toning lets you really showcase a fabulous grey hair colour and can help to neutralise unwanted warm undertones.

Soft Shadow Highlights & Lowlights For Grey & White Hair

Highlights and lowlights are another great option to blend your coloured hair with your natural shade. Multi-tonal colours can be used to add depth and dimension. This colouring technique is ideal for those who want a more gradual colour change and wish to ease into an all-over colour.

The soft shadow hair highlighting technique involves your KAM stylist creating natural-looking highlights that are close in colour to your natural shade, this technique is especially effective on natural salt & pepper grey. Better still, with softly blended highlights, you won't have to worry about grown-out roots.

Show us some pictures of looks you like and let us explain everything before you make your decision. Need more #greyhair inspo? Visit our Instagram page which is packed full of the latest top-trending haircuts, hair colours & styles.

Grey Hair Colour Prices

Grey hair prices can vary and largely depend on the length and thickness of your hair, as well as the experience of the colourist. View our full salon service menu & prices.