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Men's Hair Cuts at KAM Hairdressing in Lossiemouth, Elgin

Men’s Hair Cuts at KAM Hair & Beauty Salon in Lossiemouth & Elgin, Moray

At KAM Hair & Body Spa in Moray, our aim is to provide a high quality service to all our male clients.

Our team of award-winning, professional stylists are aware of the latest men’s hair trends and can provide precision haircuts and styles, creating classic, creative or modern haircuts. After consultation with your stylist, you will be advised on a style to suit your personality and your lifestyle.

If you’re thinking of trying out a brand new look, take a look at these fashion-forward hairstyles for men. Which look will you go for?

Disconnected Men’s Hairstyles With Fades & Undercuts

Men's Hair Cuts at KAM Hairdressing in Lossiemouth, ElginDisconnected hair cuts are a popular choice for men’s hair at KAM.  As the name implies, we cut the hair short or shave it at the sides and back and leave some length on the top.   If you ask for an undercut, the sides and back of the hair are either completely shaved or clippered to the same length all the way around.

With the fade, the hair gradually fades from longer down to shorter.  Your hair can then be worn in a quiff, slicked straight back, to one side or left long and floppy.

Modern Hair Cuts & Styles for Men at Top Moray Salon

Men's Hair Cuts at KAM Hairdressing in Lossiemouth, Elgin

KAM is proud to be home to some of the best men’s hairdressers in Lossiemouth, who will deliver you an on-trend gents hair cut and style that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

Ask for a parting and for your hair to be cut into a fade with longer hair on top which can be worn as a comb over hairstyle with a deep side parting or with a quiff. The hair can be as long or as short as you like on top – it all depends on how versatile you want your style to be.

The Latest Hairstyles for Men, Elgin

Disconnected-Undercut Men's Hair Cuts at KAM Hairdressing in Lossiemouth, Elgin If you are in doubt as to which style will suit you, talk to your stylist at KAM salon in Lossiemouth, Moray. Our clients say we are the best hair & beauty salon for men in Moray, as our team of expert stylists will work with you to deliver the perfect hair cut. 

Long hairstyles for men are very popular however it’s important for it to look healthy.  Make sure your hair is given a regular trim every six to eight weeks and add a little conditioner when you wash it.  If your hair is thick, ask your stylist to add some layers to make it more manageable.

The Best Slicked Back Hairstyles

Add a side parting and slick your hair back if you want to give your style a new makeover. This styling ‘trick’ is appropriate for both short and long hair.

We also have to report that facial hair remains a firm favourite among the chaps out there so if you fancy a change, put away the razor and start growing your beard now. Keep it looking neat and tidy with regular visits to KAM for a beard trim!

Gents Curly Hair Styles at Top Elgin Hair Salon

Men's Hair Cuts at KAM Hairdressing in Lossiemouth, ElginIf you’ve been blessed with naturally curly hair, it’s time to embrace those curls! The first thing you need when you have curly hair is a great hair cut. We can cut some layers into your curls to make your hair more manageable and on-trend. You can pair your curls with an undercut or a skin fade for a look that will stand out from the rest.

When it comes to styling curly hair, our expert stylists can point you in the direction of the right hair products and give you some great styling tips. There are a number of ways you can style your curls from subtle, gentle waves to tight curls.

Why is KAM The Number One Hair Salon For Gents Hair in Elgin?

The team at KAM will be happy to offer you advice on current men’s hair trends and which one would best suit you. Book an appointment with one of our stylists who will consider your face shape, hair type and lifestyle when talking with you.

The importance of face shape can’t be overlooked and should be one of the main influences when selecting your style…

Oval: If you have an oval shaped face then lucky you! Oval faces suit nearly all hairstyles because of their proportions and symmetry. Avoid full length fringes as they can make your oval face look round.

Square: Traditionally perceived as a strong rugged face shape. Softer styles are best to balance square faces and again, full length heavy fringes are not recommended.

Oblong: This face shape suits the vast majority of styles, however, there are some ‘no-nos’ – try to avoid short hair on the sides or swept back hair on top as this will make your face look long.

Round: Round faces tend to be hard to choose hair styles for – they tend to lack in strong features and so you do not want hair that will detract too strongly from your face. Try to avoid hair coming onto the face as this will only make it look rounder.

Diamond: Men with a diamond face sometimes tend to look gaunt – in order to avoid this we recommend longer hair with some shape around the face.

Heart: A longer hairstyle will balance a heart shaped face. If you would like a shorter style then we would recommend perhaps growing some facial hair even the face.

Triangle: This is the hardest face shape to choose a style for. In order to balance a wide jaw line we recommend long hair with plenty of layers.

Book Your Gents Hair Cut at KAM Hair Salon in Lossiemouth

For more advice or to book your hair appointment at our men’s hair salon in Elgin, Moray today by calling 01343 812325.

Salon Review
The staff are really welcoming and friendly, discussions about your hair,how you feel about what the stylist is planning to do is not at all rushed,they take time to listen and offer suggestions with no pressure at all. It is a really nice experience, highly recommended.
Salon Review
Love my new haircut. Thank you
Salon Review
I have been to a few hairdressers since moving to Elgin 12 years ago, but this experience today has to be the best. Nice pleasant surroundings on arrival. Not too noisy and no loud music which enhanced my relaxation; not that I don't like music, but I think loud music can have the opposite effect along with other noises in salons. The 'massage reclining' chairs used to wash your hair were amazing. First time I have had my hair washed without pain in my neck. The added bonus of the massage made the experience even better! The staff were friendly and sincere, not just asking you where you going on holiday as most do! More natural, relaxed normal conversation. Tea or coffee/herbal on offer which was also very nice and also offered to my friend who was waiting for me! Consultation was 'par of the course' rather than me having to ask for it. Jemma who cut my hair was excellent, confident and did a fantastic job with my hair! highly recommended. I normally hate going to the hairdressers, but today was a treat! 10/10.
Salon Review
Never disappointed. With a visit to KAM always made to feel welcome and staff give 100%. Paula is a vey professional and gives you up to date advice.
Salon Review
I have been a client of the proprietor and manager for over 20 years and am never unsatisfied with the quality and style of my hair. Also I frequently am asked where I have my hair styled.