The Nouveau A-Lift is the NEW microcurrent facial treatment, that is a leap forward in facial refinement, the  A-Lift delivers a waveform to the skin and muscle tissues by communicating directly with cells in a new and extraordinary way.

Gentle but powerful with no harmful chemicals, pain free and no side effects, this treatment is revolutionary.  In just one treatment you will see a genuine improvement to your skin’s texture, muscle tone, deep lines and wrinkles.  After a short course, you’ll be amazed at the visible, long-lasting results.

a-lift- anti ageing

The age-defying science behind the A-Lift

Inside each of your skin cells there’s an energy source, like a tiny biological battery.  These tiny batteries are fuelled by a molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP for short).  It’s responsible for muscle tone and collagen production and your body produces lots of it up until around age 25, after that, your ATP levels decrease and your cell batteries don’t charge as well as they use to.

How does the A-lift get reuslts?

It works by sending tiny electrical impulses through the skin draining harmful toxins and charging the cells with energy.  Once the cells are fully charged they will divide and make more cells regenerating and firming the tissue to give you a more youthful look. The A-lift has been based on medical research to activate and imitate the body’s natural cell regeneration process.

Everyone has their own individual current running through their bodies which charges each cell’s battery. These batteries (Adenosine Triphosphate ATP) ensures the cells have the energy they need to do their job, research has found that externally applying current that copies the the bodies electrical frequency cells can be recharged boosting ATP levels and triggeriing the rejuvenation process.

Everyones frequency is different and even your changes all the time due to tiny hormonal changes or even because you’ve had a glass of water.  The A-lift is a technological breakthrough that automatically that automatically monitors, reprograms and adjust it’s out put 16 times a second to mimic your unique frequecy and terefore boosts you ATP levels by as much as 500%

What’s more the side effects of the A-Lift are long lasting ( up to 6 months). As our bodies generate new skin by cloning our exsisting cells each new skin cell is and exact copy of it’s parent so by rejuvenating a cell subsequents clones duplicate it – maintaining the benfits for longer!

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