The Health Benefits of Massage

Massage therapy offers a wide range of health benefits, including stress relief, pain relief, improved circulation, muscle recovery, immune system support, better sleep, lowering blood pressure and mental health benefits. Regular massage therapy can have a positive impact on both physical and mental health, promoting relaxation, reducing muscle tension, enhancing blood flow, and boosting overall well-being.

At KAM we use specific massage techniques which help restore mobility and reduce muscle aches & pains. Aromatherapy oils are used to soothe and reduce muscle tension and calm the mind, aiding recovery. Nourishing oils soften the skin and relax your mind bringing you back into harmonious balance and give indulgent stress relief.


Swedish Massage with ESPA Oils

Choose between light, medium or deep pressure for this traditional full body massage, using different techniques, personalised for your specific concerns. This is an ideal introduction to massage which leaves the body de-stressed and revived.

Neck & Shoulder 30mins | £30
Back, Neck & Shoulder 40mins | £40
Full Body 55mins | £55
Head to Toe 70mins | £70

Hot Stone Massage

A therapeutic full body massage using aromatherapy oils and warm volcanic stones to relieve deep muscle tension. The warmth of the stones penetrates your
muscles to soothe any aches and pains, helping to make your body feel rejuvenated.

Back, Neck and Shoulder 45mins | £42
Full Body 55mins | £58
Inner Calm 80mins | £85


ESPA Deep Tissue Massage

A powerful massage designed to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress. Use your chosen aromatherapy oil based on a sensory test. A powerful customised massage that uses ESPA blends of essential oils to help relieve stress and tension. Includes hand, arm, leg, foot, back, neck & shoulder massage.

Back Massage 55mins | £58
Full Body 70mins | £70
Full body Extended 80mins | £85

ESPA Iconic Back, Face & Scalp

This luxurious combination begins with an exfoliation and soothing back massage to ease away stress and tension, followed by a luxury facial together with a therapeutic scalp massage. The use of hot stones brings total balance to the body, which aids the natural healing process.

Back, Face & Scalp 80mins | £80
With hot stones 110mins | 10


Maternity Massage

A deeply nourishing massage to help improve skin elasticity, reduce fatigue and targets areas prone to tension during pregnancy designed to your own personal needs. 

Back, Neck and Shoulder 45mins | £42
Full Body 55mins | £58

Head to Toe Body Massage 80mins | £85

Pre Natal Treatment

A deeply nourishing body treatment designed to target areas prone to stress and tension during pregnancy. Gentle back exfoliation if required followed by a soothing body massage designed to suit your individual conceornsalleviating muscle aches & helping to restore, relax & revitalise.

Pre Natal Treatment 85mins | £85