Balayage & Foilyage

Balayage is a French word that means "sweeping" or "painting." It involves hand-painting the hair with colour, typically using a brush or a paddle. The colour is applied in a freehand manner, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends of the hair to create a soft, blended, and natural-looking effect. Balayage is known for its low-maintenance nature, as the colour grows out gracefully without a noticeable regrowth line. 

Foilyage is a technique that combines the principles of balayage with the use of foils. It involves applying colour or lightener to the hair using a balayage technique, and then wrapping the painted sections in foils. The foils help to intensify the colour and create more contrast and lift. Foilyage is often used when a more dramatic or defined result is desired, as the foils help to isolate and process the colour more effectively.

Customised Hair Colour

Both balayage and foilyage can be customised to suit individual preferences and hair types.

They are versatile techniques that can be used to create a variety of looks, from subtle and natural to bold and high-contrast.

Our team of technical hair colour experts have the skills, knowledge and expertise to transform your hair with stunning results. Why not introduce some gorgeous texture with colour makeover? The options are endless! It's important to have a full consultation to determine the best approach for your hair and desired outcome. We can assess your hair colour, texture, and goals to create a customised balayage or foilyage look that suits you.

These popular colouring techniques come under the same umbrella as root stretch, root melts, colour melting, face frame, and money piece to name but a few! 

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FAQ’s Balayage

Why Choose KAM the Multi Award Winning Salon in Moray for Balayage?


Our clients recommend us as a top hair salon in the Moray area for hair colour.  We are an award-winning hair salon and can even boast winning the prestigious ‘Scottish Hairdresser of the Year ‘award in British Hairdressing Awards.

The whole team continuously update their skills through regular training and attend industry events to stay ahead of the curve. This ensures that they can offer the most innovative and cutting-edge services to all guests.

Do you offer complimentary consultations?


We recommend booking in for a complimentary colour consultation with one of our team prior to your colour service. Here they will discuss the hair colouring application methods we use and advise on which shades and tones will suit your skin tone and personal style.

Call us on 01343 812325 to book.

Can I have a sun-kissed balayage?


Yes! Balayage hair colour can provide a sun-kissed natural-looking hair colour that avoids a hard regrowth line. It is a more modern hair colouring technique to add soft, subtle highlights to the hair.

Is balayage and foilyage the same?


Both balayage and foilyage can be customised to suit individual preferences and hair types. they have subtle differences.

With balayage your stylist can apply the colour directly onto the hair using a freehand technique while foilayage highlights are often added as foils.

Do you offer root shadowing, root stretching & colour melts?


Yes we do.

Colour melting & root stretch colours are popular techniques that discreetly blend strategically placed highlights throughout the hair to achieve maximum effect. The highlights are blended or ‘melted’ away from the root with a shade almost identical to your natural colour so there are no harsh lines between the different shades.

We can ‘stretch’ or ‘drag’ out your root colour, adding multi-dimensional shades, growing lighter towards the ends of your hair. No matter if you’re looking for a blonde, brunette, or red colour melt, or want a root stretch that blends the root colour with balayage tones, lowlights or highlights we have you covered at KAM hair salon in Lossiemouth.


What are lowlights?


Lowlights are when a darker tone is added to create a contrast against the natural hair colour. Lowlights can really add depth to your hair colour and can be used to create multi-tonal, three-dimensional hair colour.

Is ombré different to balayage?


Ombré is defined as when your hair colour gradually blends from one colour to another. It’s a great way for brunettes, blondes and red heads to have fun with hair colour with the dark to light hair colour graduation. Ombré hair colouring will give you a more subtle blend of colour usually ‘dark to light’ but can also include fun fashion hair colours.

What is the sombré colouring technique?


Sombré is a softer more natural looking version of ombré, the root colour is often left the natural base shade and then a lighter colour is seamlessly blended towards the ends of the hair.

How can I stop my hair colour from going brassy?


If your main objective is to achieve a glossy shine and remove unwanted brassy tones from your balayage or foilayage hair colour, then a toner is right for you. Colour glosses are another great way in which to give a beautiful finish and enrich tones in the hair.

Balayage hair colours for brunettes


Liven up brown hair by adding a few subtle, slightly red-toned highlights to give a bronzed effect, add warm caramel tones or keep it classic with a rich, chocolatey brunette balayage. Your first step towards stunning hair colour is to join us for a complimentary hair colour consultation where the balayage experts in Moray's KAM hair salon can discuss the look you want to create.

Balayage hair colours for blondes


Set to become a huge hair colour trend is bronde balayage. Created by mixing blonde and brunette shades together, to create a stunning sun kissed look. We can tailor our balayage hair colouring techniques to get a colour that is individual to you – whether it be soft, subtle, strong or bold.

Balayage hair colours for red heads


Red, pink & purple balayage hair colours are pretty and turn heads for all the right reasons. We have a wide range of hair colours to choose from including pillar box red, red copper tones, rose gold to bold pastel colours and bright fashion hues.

Do you have lots of five star salon reviews?


We do indeed. You can read reviews from clients who have been delighted with their hair colour at KAM.