Looking for Christmas Party Hair ideas in Moray?

Quiffs – For Christmas, the bigger hair the better and quiffs will be just one of the bold and beautiful looks we will see a lot of this season. Quiffs really make a statement and are great for the festivities and special events where you want to look as glam as possible. They can also be incorporated into both short and long hair. When I create this look I always like to start by sectioning the hair, creating a section starting from the forehead to the crown. Underneath this section, I like to backcomb the hair gently, brushing the hair downwards towards the scalp in one move and then taking the brush out the hair and starting at the top again to cause as little damage as possible to your hair. Once you have created a cushion of hair, you can then use the hair you sectioned off to cover this, brushing gently over the cushion of textured hair to create a smooth finish before pinning into place. Finish with hairspray to provide your hair with hold and shine.

Moray Christmas Hair

Lossiemouth Christmas Hair

Super long and sleek – the glass hair trend has been a huge trend the past couple of years and there’s nothing more envious than super long, luscious looking hair! Although this look is easy to create with the help of a hairdryer to provide your hair with a smooth blow-dry and then going over your hair with heated styling tools, hair products are key to allow this style to look its very best and with a super glossy shine. Always wash your hair with a good quality moisturising shampoo and conditioner prior to styling, as well as a heated protection spray to keep your hair protected at all times. I love using the Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator, as it also works to keep the hair sleek, smooth and shiny. Once you’ve finished styling, always finish by distributing a hair oil or serum through your hair to tame any frizz and flyaways and to give your hair a further radiant appearance.

Moray Christmas Hair

Wet look – The wet look is one of the biggest hairstyling trends this year and has been seen all over celebrities! This will such a big hair trend this festive season and is the perfect style for those who want a hair look that really makes a statement. When creating this look, I like to firstly start by misting some leave in conditioner through damp hair to give it further nourishment. Then, taking a brush and hair gel, I apply this through the hair to give it a further wet appearance, as well as hold. Try to look for a lightweight gel like The Matrix Super Fixer to avoid the hair looking too stiff and finish with a shine spray for further shine perfect for the party season.

Moray Christmas Hair Styles

Ponytails – for those who prefer a hairstyle that’s super quick and easy to create but still looks incredibly chic, ponytails are a fantastic choice. The great thing about ponytails are that they can be tailored to suit you and the style you prefer – whether you like to wear your ponytail low and more relaxed with pieces of hair left out around the face to face frame or if you like to wear your ponytail slicked back and up high for a more polished appearance.

Moray Christmas Hair

Braids – Braids are another great updo style for Christmas time and are perfect for any parties where you want to have your hair back and off your face to dance all night long. When creating braids, I always like to work on day 2/3 hair, as the hair has more grip. If your hair is feeling oily, you can mist through some dry shampoo to absorb excess oil, whilst also giving your hair volume before creating the style. Once you’ve finished your braid, gently pull on some of the sections of the braid to give it a softer and thicker appearance and leave some pieces of hair out around your face for further softness and to face frame.

Elgin Christmas Hair